About Us

Founded in 2018 by David and Jenn Smith, Prodigy HVAC is the preferred HVAC services choice for owners and managers of commercial facilities across a multi-state service region. We offer the most comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for commercial site managers who are tasked with getting the best value for their HVAC/R spends.

Why Prodigy
HVAC Services?

We have industry leading technology, empowered technicians, exceptional buying power, and valuable insights and strategies for repair or replacement needs.

Our experience runs deep throughout the company. From each of our technicians to our supervisory and leadership team, everyone at Prodigy HVAC Services has experience with the equipment we service and knowledge about the best practices and techniques to provide the best service possible to each client.

HVAC Services

is a self-performing company using direct employees to provide contracted work for all our clients. Certain projects may merit a subcontractor, but the vast majority of our work will be completed by direct technicians employed by Prodigy HVAC Services. The advantage of using a self-performing HVAC company is that we offer a large team of specialized technicians with extensive training and experience in the industry.

As a self-performing company, Prodigy HVAC Services is able to more efficiently schedule service calls and installations and provide expert administrative support to streamline projects for clients.

Advantages of partnering with Prodigy HVAC Services, a Self-Performing Company:

  • Exclusive technology
  • Dedicated team of specialized company-employed technicians
  • Technicians are extensively trained and experienced
  • Flexible service call scheduling
  • Administrative support
  • Long term partner relationship