Our Work

Prodigy HVAC has extensive experience in all light-medium commercial sectors including:

Convenience Stores

Our team of technicians is experienced and familiar with servicing every piece of equipment in convenience stores. We understand the critical role refrigeration equipment plays in maximizing revenue in these stores, and with that important strategy in mind, we focus not only on operation of this equipment, but also on the role the physical display and presentation of merchandising plays in driving sales. To this end, Prodigy HVAC Services is actively involved in providing technical support and service to the mechanical portion of these systems as well as focusing on effective operation and presentation of display doors and signage.

Self Storage Facilities

Prodigy HVAC Services team of specialized technicians are experts in servicing self-storage facilities. Our experience in this sector of commercial HVAC/R needs has set our company apart as a leader in providing custom programs to these sites that require such special attention due to their large footprint and specific environmental requirements. We recognize and support all aspects of conditioned storage facilities from optimal temperature to prevent degradation of stored items, to humidity control and mold inhibition techniques.


Comfort cooling is paramount in the retail space. Prodigy HVAC Services’ skilled technicians work directly with facilities maintenance teams, facilities service providers, and EMS networks to maintain all HVAC equipment to keep clients comfortable while they shop.