Demand Services

Prodigy HVAC Services is there when you need us the most. Our industry leading trained technicians are equipped with well supplied products inventory to help identify and provide prompt solutions. We understand the importance of getting clients’ equipment and personnel on site back to an efficient operating performance.

We capture asset data, operational conditions, and provide quality photo documentation of issues discovered, and then deliver effective solutions and resolutions.

Heating, Ventilation &
Air Conditioning Services

One of our primary services includes HVAC services and installations for commercial clients. These services include preventive maintenance, demand and emergency services, capital replacement projects and unit retrofits. Our technicians are trained to work on all major industry brand products.


Throughout our self–performing region, we offer a wide array of refrigeration services. We currently service many clients in the light-medium commercial sector of the HVAC industry. These entities include convenience stores, self-storage facilities, retail sites, and more.

Benefits of Prodigy
HVAC Preventative Maintenance

System Efficiency

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Save money on energy bills
  • Reduce parts replacement
    and expensive repairs


  • Longer life expectancy of
    the system
  • Reduction in service calls and equipment failure
  • Avoid major repairs due to
    equipment failure

Workplace Satisfaction

  • Increases employee
  • More employee satisfaction
  • Client satisfaction
  • Safer equipment

Capital Replacements

Prodigy HVAC Services is an industry leader in creating imaginative and effective solutions for capital replacements to meet the ever-evolving technology in the industry sector. We are experts at creating a workable and acceptable plan for our clients to take advantage of industry equipment advancements and product improvements. Prodigy HVAC Services works with commercial clients and manufacturers to develop a proactive process for equipment replacements to take full advantage of advancements in reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of new and emerging industry equipment.